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With more than 10 years of experience as a Digital and Traditional Artist, I have worked on a wide range of projects. Work primarily on the 3D Sculpting, Organic and hard surface, Characters modeling, high and low poly, Stylist and realistic, Traditional Sculpting, 3d Jewelry design, Rapid prototyping, toy design, Miniature 3d figures, 3d miniature boards, 3D Coin design, Character Animation, Texture, 3d animation, 3D Product Visualization, 3d Modeling for 3d Printing.

Specializing in 3D Sculpting, I am also an accomplished 3D Generalist with working experience in many other aspects of 3D content creation as well as knowledge and experience within varied production environments. Problem solving, Hard worker who works well under pressure independently and as a team member. Passionate about Art and technology, Always learning new techniques, styles, software, and tools.

With a professional and passionate attitude, my consistent goal is to become a more accomplished artist to better serve myself and those that I work with. I believe that these qualities along with my years of experience make me a worthwhile asset to any production or team.