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Edgar Hernandez is a contemporary expressionist sculptor and Digital Artists.
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and in 2011 he became a US Citizen.
He has always had a passion for art. Edgar  has a Masters degree in Media Arts and Animation, and He studied art and sculpture with the internationally recognized sculptor and restorer Juan Jose Mendez and Sandra Mendez.
Edgar's work can be found in public and private art collections in United States and around the world. He has been seen in numerous exhibitions and magazines worldwide. He currently lives and works in Chandler, AZ, US.
Edgar has always had the conviction of finding and developing new concepts that help to channel his emotions, ideas and visual interpretations. 
Now, He has found the way to express meaning and emotional experience, rather than physical reality. The main theme of his work is the existential angst.
Edgar’s pieces are the products of a highly complex artistic process - manipulating colors, feelings and expressions that result in unique and original works of great visual power.

His art pieces have been sold all over the world. 


Artist Statement

My traditional sculptures are about feelings and expressions. The main theme of my work is the existential angst.
Inspired by the expressionism movement originating in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century. 

I distort reality to express my deepest feelings. You can see the beauty of the misery thru my characters. I use them to show you the metamorphosis of the conscience, creating a magic moment between you and the character.

Colors play an important part in my work. I use colors to create sensations, accentuating those feelings of sadness and melancholy that I'm not able to describe with words.
Loneliness is essential in my characters, is something that no one can escape, and when you are in front of my work, in that moment you'll feel it, and perhaps you'll smile.